Breaking Tunes launch iPhone App

I phone, yet i do not iPhone. Call me old fashioned but thats how I roll for now. But for all of you who are wired to the web through the wonderful piece of Apple ingenuity there is a treat in store.

Last month saw Ireland’s First Music Contact launch their Breaking Tunes iPhone app which means you can now search for, and listen to, all the best in upcoming Irish music straight from the pocket sized arm extension at the tips of your fingers.

FMC deserve serious kudos for the work that they have been doing over the past few years, any encounters I have had with them personally have been extremely helpful and the work that they do in the run up to and preparation for Hard Working Class Heroes is highly commendable indeed.

So now that you have the new Breaking Tunes app for your phone you can access artist profiles, pictures, videos and more from the website. Fair play to the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports’ Cultural Technology Scheme for making this possible.

The Download is available from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Visit Breaking Tunes here

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