James Blake – Not Long Now (Radio Rip)

New music from James Blake as heard on Gilles Peterson Worldwide; a series that I have turned to on so many instances in the past for new music and insightful musings. Giles has been a source of inspiration for many of us over the past decade and still leads the way with his envious Worldwide series and coveted awards shows which every year introduce the best in new musical talent to the unsuspecting public.
This new track from James Blake, the third to be aired from his forthcoming Enough Thunder EP, seems to signal a new direction for the English producer.
Following on from his appearance at Electric Picnic it is clear that a more pensive and sombre Blake may be emerging. However, Blake, an only child, is no stranger to irony as witnessed in his previous work “I never learned to share” with the tongue in cheek lyrics; “My brother and my sister don’t speak to me”.
Whatever his outlook at the moment it can’t be denied that he is producing some very thought provoking beats and melodies eschewing the techniques of many of his contemporaries.


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